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Herbs and prayers can solve every known human problem -Alhaji Success

by newshubmag

From Richard Adejare, Lagos

Popular Islamic cleric, Alhaji (Dr.) Tajudeen Afolabi aka Alhaji Success has affirmed that every human problem can be tackled with herbs and prayers. He pointed out that there is no known issues of life that can defy the power of prayers and herbs

Alhaji Success who is also the CEO of Success Herbal Therapy Nigeria Limited spoke to our reporter earlier today at the corporate headquarters of his company located at 152 Akowojo road, Sobo bus-stop, opposite First Bank Akowojo Egbeda, Lagos.

Speaking on infertility the herbal doctor said infertility can be cured with herbs and prayers.

In his words, “We know that God is incomparable to anybody. There is nobody that is like God and one of his attributes is that he does not have a child so anyone without a child can be liken unto God in that regard.

“This is one of the things we use in interceding for anyone who come to Success Herbal Therapy Nigeria Limited and God has always answered our prayers.”

The cleric who said there are three major causes of infertility stressed that infection can cause infertility and most times this is one of the major causes. “Due to carelessness and promiscuity many people get infected with sexually transmitted diseases which prevent them from getting pregnant or able to impregnate someone.

“Also, some might have taken drugs or other actions out of desperation or due to ignorance which had affected their ability to conceive. The third cause of infertility is spiritual attack,” he said.

He however stressed that no matter the cause of infertility it can be corrected through the use of herbs and tree barks supported by prayers. He reasoned that every effort needs prayers and that prayer is the bedrock of all the successes recorded at Success Herbal Therapy Nigeria Limited.

According to him, every issue of life needs prayers. “If you are poor you should pray for riches from God and if you are rich you need to continually ask God not to be returned back to your former position. People who desire high positions or have family problems. Those with one problem or the other are welcomed here as we use herbs and prayers to solve every known human problem,” he said.

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