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Ilorin Laff Mattazz: Raising new generation of entertainers, avenue for bonding

by newshubmag

From Jimoh Taofiq Adeniyi, Ilorin

Indeed, it will be loud in the ancient city of Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 as the Grand Comedian of Nigeria, Gbenga Adeyinka da first will lit the town with the 3rd edition of his comedy show, Laff Mattazz News Hub Mag! reports.

Tagged ‘‘Gbe body e’’, the show will hold at Arca Santa Arena, Ajase Ipo road Ilorin.

Kwara state deputy governor, Mr. Kayode Alabi admiring a souvenir presented to him by Gbenga Adeyinka in his office…Thursday

In an exclusive interview with News Hub Mag! the multi-award-winning actor, comedian, radio and TV presenter, writer, and MC assured that the show will dish out premium fun and entertainment.

According to him, “One of the good reasons we took this show out of Lagos is because we wanted to give premium quality entertainment, the way we do it in Lagos and other places.

“I belief, you don’t have to leave where you are for you to get entertained, or for you to be a superstar, if you stay where you are, you keep building, you can be the king of your own town.’’

However, apart from the entertainment and fun Adeyinka explained that the event is to create new generation of comedians and entertainers in the industry.

He disclosed that he is driven by the passion to provide a platform for upcoming talents to express themselves on the same stage with established entertainers. “If you stay where you are, you keep building, you can be the king of your own town,” he added.

Gbenga Adeyinka ready to ‘gbe body e’

“It is also an avenue for families to bond. Apart from getting a sold out show, what we set out to do in other places is to provide the opportunity for families to bond, so that’s why the show is a family event,” he said.

The veteran comedian who described his previous outing in Kwara as “heart-warming” said “we are back because our previous shows were sold out and hopefully the tradition will continue.

On whether he was ever discouraged by the popular mantra that Kwara is dry, Adeyinka who described his show as a missionary journey agreed that he got many discouraging comments but remained steadfast in his belief.  

In his words, “I’m focused on setting a legacy and that is my motivating factor. We got a lot of discouragement every time. Infact as of yesterday (Wednesday), somebody was still telling me that Kwarans don’t turnout for shows but for me, apart from the fact that money is key; the show is also a missionary journey for me.

“We all have different things at the back of our minds to everything we do, money is a huge consideration but money is not the only consideration. Setting a legacy means a lot to somebody like me. Though we’ve slashed the fees but we don’t want to be in debt, we’ve checked all the indexes and we realized that we can come and even break it and that’s enough for us.”

Comparing the turnout in Kwara to other states he has toured, the comedian said the response has been awesome.

He expressed optimism that this edition will not be any different as, according to him, “There has been massive publicity about the show in the state lately which in turn made the show very popular. I’m optimistic that this show will be a sold out already.

“When you have a sweet food on the table, no matter how delicious the food is, you might end up not having people to eat it. But when you prepare the food and make enough noise, I think you will get people to come and have a taste.

“One of the things we do is that we make enough noise as much as possible that’s why we said ‘o ma laud gan’, and we got good responses. The response we got in Ilorin like other places has been awesome, when we drive out we see people shouting ‘gbe body e’, that for me is the reason why we do this. I know people will come out,” he said.

O ma loud gan

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