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SEMA to produce document on Kaduna State emergency profile

by newshubmag

Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is working with experts to produce a working document on the state’s emergency profile, to ensure coordinated approach to disaster management in the state.

Ya’u Mahamood, SEMA Director, Relief and Disaster Management, made the disclosure in an interview with newsmen on Thursday in Kaduna.

He said the engagement with experts would enable the agency have a proper and guided document with all emergencies profile and information on hazards in the state.

He said that the document would contain all information on hazards in health, education, environment and water sectors and how to address any emergency.

“Even if we cannot stop it all, but it can be controlled, which is the main reason of organizing the stakeholders meeting for proper and documented emergency profile in the state,” he said.

Also, Emmanuel Danjuma, a Disaster Risks Reduction Specialist, said the move by SEMA was apt, in view of recent disasters in the state, including the recent gas explosion in which people died in Kaduna.

“We need to understand the profile so that we can work across the year in the event that hazards occur.”

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