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Seyi Makinde: What a Gross Insensitivity

by newshubmag

By Obafemi Babajide

Amidst the current global worries concerning the ongoing Coronavirus threat that currently ravages the whole world and the continuous effort by World leaders to either cub or get a permanent solution to the spread of Covid-19, it is pertinent to say, that any world, nation, state or local leader no matter how brilliant and good he seems to be, that refuses to play by the rules in stopping this menace is not only insensitive but cowardly.

Get me wrong at your own risk, but, for Governor Seyi Makinde who even critics and opposition elements had secretly praised his style of handling governance and his beautiful policies to have agreed and gone ahead to host a rally at this critical health, challenging time is not only insensitive but completely dastardly. 

For heaven sake, how will a leader, a young leader that people intend to look up to for economic and policy solution for a long time to come, play a kite with the lives and health of her people? 

Pray! Tell me, is it a matter of life and death to welcome a hold horse to the party at this sensitive time, when hopelessly reigns amidst this unseen but crucial virus war? 

If not for cruelty, would you not just have allowed his state or local government chapter of PDP welcome him and not bring everybody together in a show of shame during a seeming plague and serious pestilence?

One question that nags seriously is this; are we in an election year that warrants an urgent crowd show that will send shivers down the spine of the opposing party?

Come to think of it, when you go around the interior of Ibadan city, with the way they build houses close to each other and the non-cleanliness that has become a non-removable badge among those living around those interiors, you will secretly pray that God forbids any grade of an epidemic.

Let me try and drive it home as much as I can. Gov. Seyi Makinde just returned from America where cases of Covid-19 is much more recorded than it is in Nigeria. He comes in and hosts a mammoth crowd with other governors in his state to welcome someone back to the party. Now let us assume, he or any of his aide that just returned from the trip, had caught the virus, they then pass it to someone or people in the crowd including the party leaders present and from there the spread starts into the nooks and crannies of the state, from there to other south-west states and to the states that border those states and so on and so forth. If this happens in a country where prayers and miracles are much more expected and respected than our health institutions? It means we are all done for. “Abi kilo maun se awon leaders wa gan sef”?

Honestly, the chauvinistic, jingoist Seyi Makinde betrayed not only my trust but likeness for him. Or how else will one say that such crass and ineptitude behaviour and decision to host such jamboree is not expected from a well-read and progressive governor of his ilk? It means, that whatever he might have been doing all this while is mere playing to the gallery; he seems not to know or have the common sense to the gauge the mood of the moment.

The highlight for me was the silly tantrums he threw by saying that his party is free from Covid-19, that the virus resides within the ruling APC party. “Edakun, se koro mo party ni” [does the virus recognise party affiliation]? 

How easy can it now be for anyone to defend the already wagging tongues that Seyi has gone to align with the west to help with the spread of the virus in Nigeria in a bid to sabotage the already battered image, record and efforts of the existing rulers? It is a pity how someone that was doing well can throw himself free of charge at the centre of national/international politics and conspiracy.  

“Ti isu eni ba ta, ama n fowo boje nioooo”. Gov. Seyi Makinde, please easy does it. Do not by yourself turn friends to a foe.

Obafemi writes from “Igbo Oka” in Ekinrin-Adde.

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