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Covid-19: Don’t panic -Lawmaker tells Kwarans

by newshubmag

From Kayode Adeoti, Ilorin

A lawmaker at the Kwara State House of Assembly, Honourable Rasaq Owolabi, has urged members of the public not to panic or be disturbed over the discovery of the novel coronavirus in Kwara State.

The lawmaker stated this while speaking with New Hub Mag! on Wednesday. He assured that the government of the day, under the leadership of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has commenced proactive measures to ensure that the situation is well managed.

As part of preventing the spread of the pandemic in the state, Owolabi said government has taken active steps to trace and quarantine everyone who may have had contact with both the deceased and his wife who brought the virus into the state.

He however sought for the cooperation of members of the public in addressing the stressing that this is the best time to further adhere to government’s lockdown order.

He added that Offa was lockdown by the state government because it was the first contact of the deceased and his family before coming to Ilorin for medical treatment.

“We don’t need to panic over the outbreak of the pandemic in Kwara State, our government has been taking necessary steps to prevent the further spread.

“This is a war we must fight together, if we don’t obey government’s order that says we should stay at home, it won’t be easy to fight. Government need our cooperation, for those who may have had contact with the deceased or his wife, government has began tracing them and some have been found and isolated” he said.

While stressing the need for proper hygiene, social distancing and other precautionary steps, Owolabi also stressed the need for anyone feeling any of the symptoms of the corona-virus to, as a matter of importance and urgency, visit government established hospital for medical examination.

“This virus has no respect for age, status, it can attack anyone, if it’s detected early, the chances of getting medical solutions to defeat it is high, so, speak out, don’t die of ignorance or silence. Our lives are worth so much.

“Having stayed back at home for two weeks, we understand that it could have become so bored, but remember, the grave will be much more bored, please, stay at home till the crisis is over. Wash your hands regularly and use a sanitizer, avoid handshakes, hugging and obey other precautionary measures,” he added.

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