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COVID-19: The scourge will soon be over, Pastor Adeboye assures

by newshubmag

From Obafemi Babajide, Lagos

The General Overseer of Redeem Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has declared in a live service watched all over the world by Redeemed Christian Church members and all other Christians that tuned in, that Nigeria and Africa will soon have victory over COVID-19 pandemic.

Adeboye who said this at the special Sunday service that was beamed live on Dove TV said, he would still probably be on live TV for this kind of special service and after that normalcy will return as people will be allowed to worship in their various churches.

The man of God who preached on the topic, “Joy Cometh”, read from various bible passages declaring joy after a time of tribulations or problems. He gave the example of the widow of Zarephath, the woman with the pool of blood amongst others. He then quotes from Psalm 30:5, which states that “weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.”

Pastor Adeboye admonished everybody not to stop praising God because He gave us the needed victory, and He alone can do that once all knowledge and science failed.

Pastor Adeboye who advised the Federal Government to remember to put spiritual leaders such as some great Imams and Senior Christian leaders in committees that will seek for solutions to this kind of problem in the future so that they might have people who could handle the spiritual angle of this kind of issue, said that there will be a sharp decline in cases and there shall be speedy recovery rate.

The man of God, however, ask people to continue to pray to forestall a relapse. He also asks that we continue to pray against storms and fire outbreak immediately after the lockdown.

Daddy G.O as fondly referred to, praised the government and all medical practitioners for the way they handled issues professionally, he called on all the people to maintain a high level of hygiene, keep the safety precautions and continue to pray more. 

He said that people should refrain from gallivanting abroad especially if you do not have something so important to do there, at least for the next one or two months because the victory over this pandemic will start from Nigeria and Africa before spreading to Europe and other parts of the world. Pastor Adeboye said life and normalcy will return gradually, not as quick or as fast as if nothing had happened.

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