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Kogi: We got no COVID!

by newshubmag

By Obafemi Babajide

If you follow Kogi State politics too well, you won’t need a brain jolt to remember this headline. Just in case you can’t remember or you never saw the video, permit me a simple swift narration; if you still don’t get it after my narration, please, surf the net.

Sometimes around March, early March I supposed, the “boss” lost his darling mum and the burial became a roll call of eminence in the central plus the state capital. A few days after, the leader of the federal delegation was diagnosed with the rampaging coronavirus, this hitherto changed the narratives a bit. Why? The famous burial that had got all tongues wagging had now got people in little rings talking in hush tones and wondering if the virus had not been dropped to circulate; and if the state is not in dare danger.

Calls and appeals went up, that the “boss” and his cohort should take a test; even rumours were rife since the “boss” and some of his cohorts seemed to have gone into hiding, that they could have been affected, that they may be treating themselves secretly.

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Then surfaced a video, the “boss” was exercising and mocking his detractor, “I got no COVID, if you wish me COVID, I wish you HIV”! Laughable isn’t it? But it trended, and, that looked like the end to any rumour and insinuations, until one sad morning, news filtered in, that the head of the federal delegation to Mama’s burial had died. Died!? Yes. Died from this strange virus that had beaten tested and imaginary solutions.

Ever since then, at least by divine provision or so, Kogi State had no single case. “No Case” like my adopted elder brother’s nickname, no case oooo even if the state is surrounded by states with cases. In spite of all criticisms and against all odds, the state became an island surrounded by borders with the sea of cases. Let both the Christians and Muslims in the state give thanks to Allah, at least we now know through our cerebral chief of religious staff, that Christians are Islamic deviates, woe betide you if you dare change this narrative.

In comes the NCDC official with confidence and swaggerlicious gait, and they were caught in the trap of salutation, maybe the guy was overwhelmed. And then the terms and conditions of doing the needful cannot be met, they had a quick conversation with their feet.

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And now the news broke again, this time straight from NCDC; Kogi State is no longer COVID free, two new cases had now been confirmed. How now? Who conducted the test, who are these people who want to spoil our name? Where were they tested and who certified them as Kogites? We won’t accept this, you cannot tamper with God’s work, our testimony must be complete, Akwa Ibom won’t beat us to this. We are not ready to be involved in any international conspiracies, we don’t want your sympathy and money. We just want to keep our clean slate. We got no COVID!

If I may ask, why don’t we want to own up or accept that we may as well have a case or two like other states who have it? Pray! Tell me what could be the reason for the absolute denial?

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Anybody who wishes or says there could be a COVID-19 case in Kogi State is an enemy of the state. Don’t be a pessimist please because we got no COVID!

Let me bring this to a close, code-mixing a Yoruba adage, in NCDC you have seen a “gudugudu meje” but in Bello, you will see a “Yahaya mefa”. “Yahaya mefa” may well supersede a “gudugudu meje”, if those who showcase the “gudugudu” will relent.

We got no COVID!

Obafemi writes from isolation.

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