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COVID-19: Obarisa tasks FG, states on promotion of local herbs

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.As community distributes palliatives  

The Oba Alaa Obarisa ati Asa of Kwara state, HSH Obalowu Omotayo Jagun has stressed the need for the federal government and various state government in Nigeria to stop paying lip service to the promotion of traditional medicine.

Speaking on Wednesday on the sidelines of distribution of palliatives to community members by the Shao Community Development Association, Obarisa lamented that, “if we truly believe in Olodumare as we claim we will understand that every challenge that comes across our way already have a solution. We shouldn’t join those saying that coronavirus does not have a cure.

“Our government has refused to promote our own indigenous healing system and that is why we have fallen this low during the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“There are local drugs in the country that can cure it but our governments, at all levels, are not giving our people the maximum attention and support they deserve. For me, the coronavirus has no meaning because it is just a normal disease in the society and our fathers have been treating it before now.

“I want to charge the Government to give total attention to local herbs and not let the country rely on foreign medications which has caused more harm than good in the society due to the chemicals used in manufacturing it.”

Speaking further, the Obarisa of Kwara state called on the state government to acknowledge traditionalists in the state as they have the largest number of adherents. He explained that, “no matter the level of intimidation or demonisation of tradition religion and culture, traditionalists will always outnumber other religions.”

Speaking on the distribution of the palliatives by members of the community Obarisa commended the efforts of the Ohoro of Shaoland, Alhaji Dr. Bamigbele Adegbite, his chiefs and members of Shao Community Development Association for the initiative stressing that, “We have shown the world that we are self-sufficient and not beggars. This development will further bind us together as a community and I’m so happy about this.”

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