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Kabba University: Nayo Jude Commends Gov. Bello, Calls for Rehabilitation of Kabba-IkowaOpa Road

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A social reform activist and former Kabba-Bunu LGA Chairmanship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Comrade Nayo Jude Babatunde – Uyi has commended the Kogi State Governor, His Excellency Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello for the establishment of the Kogi State University, Kabba.

Nayo stated that the newly established state University located in the western Senatorial District of the state is not only long overdue but prudent, worthy, and historical.

He said “Gov. Yahaya Bello has not only met a significant age long conventional aspiration of the Okun people, the establishment of the Kogi State University, Kabba by the Kogi state government and approval of same by the NUC is another historic endeavor, to better not only the overall development and prosperity of the host community but for service, development and prosperity of our dear Nation Nigeria and the world at large. It is a developmental and progressive initiative which should be heartily commended devoid of political sentiments, it is a giant governance and developmental stride beyond mediocrity”

“It will interest you to know that the Okun people, who are the Yoruba speaking part of Kogi state have more than 600 Professors across almost every part of academic disciplines. Kabba the host community of the University is not only the traditional and political headquarter of Okun/ Kogi west Senatorial District, but was the administrative headquarter of the old Kabba province that covered parts of today’s Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara and Kogi states, yet had no University on her soil, even after many years of several failed advocacy and attempts. It is safe to say that Yahaya Bello’s decision to establish one is significantly historical and appealing.”

Nayo in his statement also called on the Kogi state government to prioritize the successful implementation and completion of the rehabilitation of Kabba-Ikowaopa road, which was flagged off for reconstruction by the State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello during his campaign for his second tenure, adding that the successful completion of the road rehabilitation is pivotal to the drastic development and growth of the new citadel of learning.

“Just few days to the much-talked about Kogi State 2019 Gubernatorial election which brought the governor in for the second term, the state government had organized a flag off ceremony for the reconstruction of the Kabba- Ikowaopa road, the event was well attended by dignitaries and had our Obas across Okun land, government appointiees, the APC stakeholders and election candidates in attendance”

“The road was flagged off by the executive Governor of the state in 2019, and machines were mobilized to site immediately, before the unannounced evacuation of the construction equipment and workers”

“As much as the attempt by the Kogi state government to rehabilitate the road is of a good will, it is also a test of integrity for the APC/ Governor Yahaya Bello led administration”

“I hereby call on Governor Yahaya Bello to in his good will, leadership excellence and usual progressive gesture fulfill his campaign promise by fixing the road as promised”

“The road will not only advance, enhance and ease the social- economical activities of the Kabba and Ikowa opa communities, it will also be a significant way of solidifying the good legacies and people oriented initiatives and projects of the GYB led administration scattered across the state. The successful completion of the road will be a plus and pivotal infrastructural factor that will enhance the development and prosperity of the newly established University and her host communities”

Nayo stated that governor Yahaya Bello has on several occasions proved and presented himself to his subjects and the general public to be a man of his words. “I hope we can count on him on this” he said.

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