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The River Bank Of Akotileta And Apa-Omo; A River Bank Of Wreckages

by newshubmag

By Babajide Obafemi

Going through my pictorial archives now I saw some pictures and I sigh. How time flys, indeed, time does fly.

My illustration is about two individuals, the first I call Mr “Akotileta” while the other I call Mr “Apa-Omo” and they both belonged to a town called, “Eti-Oya”. Now for my none yoruba readers, you might have to get a private yoruba tutor to explain those names to you. But let me ask you to go in spirit with me as I apologise for those ancient yoruba names; I can’t lay my fingers on the right transliteration for those names for now.

Not long ago, lets say some three years plus, greed took over “Apa-Omo” who himself is a neophyte when it comes to “ibile” politics, he decided to team up with some high ranking “jagudas” from “Oke-Oya” and the suburb to rob “Omo-Alade” of his freely given mandate by the people of “Eti-Oya” and installed “Akotileta” as the Oba of the town of “Eti-Oya.

“Apa-Omo” even went as far as justifying his actions as Gods will, he said that, “Akotileta is not only youthful and vibrant, but, that he is cerebral, dependable and agile. Weeks run into months, “Akotileta” would no longer take orders from “Apa-Omo”, while the center could no longer hold, things fell apart!

“Akotileta” showed “Apa-Omo” the other side of the coins, it was a tale of fresh day fresh drama. “Apa-Omo” would not record a single week of peace again all through, is either he sleeps on the tree, or stays in the hospital or runs out of the country. He was almost barnished to exile, what goes around comes around.

“Akotileta” who was a spendthrift and squandermania grew wings, he was lord of the rings. Everywhere he went he was praised, hypocrites and praise singers abound, he was swept off his feet with their sweet melodious renditions. He was blinded by sycophants and deafen by praise rythorics, he never was going to walk on the land again because he floated in the air, what a pity.

“Akotileta” forgot when he was installed, that, the Obaship of “Eti-Oya” was terminal, it has a tenure of four years, renewable once. He boasted everywhere, that, he is the first son of “Are” “Orileede”. After all he appeased the gods, he poured libation and offered colanuts, he will wear the crown again.

He even boasted of pulling the seat off “Apa-Omo’s” buttocks, he marshalled his not well thought out plan, he wanted to replace “Apa-Omo with “Alianilakaye”, but, the people revolted. Like the prodigal son, “Apa-Omo went back home to plead, he was accepted and embraced with one hand while the other hand raised the cane; just incase of a repetition of his last act.

Suddenly, it dawn on “Akotileta” that time may be up, he now started to run from pillar to post, dear “Akotileta, how can you put the cart before the horse?

“Apa-Omo” who’s elegant life style is abhorrent to his poor people is also scheming to push his luck beyond the limit, only time shall tell.

One thing I know for sure is that, “Eti-Oya” never forgets, the river bank keeps records, it reveals past deeds. At that same “Eti-Oya” we all sat, when, “Awamafelo” reigned but was outsmarted by “Omugodola” who later enthroned “Wereshola” and it revolved. It was again going to be the turn of “Awamafelo” but “Edumare” cut short the dream. Even “Omo-Alade who was entitled to the throne was not permitted, man proposes but God disposes.

Is time now for “Eti-Oya” to produce another King, both the old and new order are justling, even those who are not even qualified to rule a home, want to rule and rape our beautiful “Eti-Oya”. But not again!

If you ask me to point to a better person between “Akotileta” and “Apa-Omo”, I will just tell you that, “na dem be that”.

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