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No VAR for keeper encroachment at penalties in EPL

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The Premier League will not use video assistant referees in 2019-20 to rule on goalkeepers moving off their line to save a penalty.

Three penalties have been retaken at the Women’s World Cup after VAR ruled keepers did not have at least part of one foot on the goalline.

Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) will leave such decisions to on-field officials.

PGMOL could review the situation during the season.

VAR will be used in the Premier League for the first time during 2019-20 but there are no plans to use it in Scotland’s Premiership next season.

World football’s law-making body, the International Football Association Board, introduced a new rule shortly before the Women’s World Cup on the issue of goalkeeper encroachment at penalties.

It stated keepers must have at least one foot on the goalline when a penalty is taken or, if they are jumping at the time of contact, have one foot in line with it.

World football’s governing body, FIFA, has focused on this during the tournament in France, with some referees warning keepers immediately before spot-kicks.

Scotland were knocked out of the World Cup on Wednesday after keeper Lee Alexander initially saved a stoppage-time spot-kick from Argentina’s Florencia Bonsegundo, only for the referee to order a retake because Alexander was judged not to have had at least part of one foot on the goalline.

Bonsegundo scored with the second attempt to ensure the match finished 3-3, eliminating Scotland.

France benefitted from a similar situation in a group game when a penalty against Nigeria hit the post.

Nigeria keeper Chiamaka Nnadozie was ruled to have moved off her line early by VAR and Wendie Renard scored the winner from the second spot-kick.

Italy also scored their first in a 5-0 win over Jamaica with a retaken penalty after goalkeeper Sydney Schneider was punished for moving off her line in saving the initial spot-kick.

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