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COVID-19: Lawmaker marks birthday low-key, to share sanitizers

by newshubmag

From Kayode Adeoti, Ilorin

Due to the ongoing effect of the pandemic, coronavirus codenamed COVID-19, the Lawmaker representing Share/Oke-Ode constituency at the Kwara State House of Assembly, Rasaq Owolabi on Friday marked his birthday with his nuclear family.

Speaking with News Hub Mag! Owolabi disclosed that, “In the face of the ongoing pandemic ravaging the land, I empathize with Nigerians, especially Kwarans.

“And it is my sincere prayers that Allah who has guarded us this far in Kwara will continue to protect us and not allow us to witness it.

“We don’t only pray it doesn’t come to Kwara, but we pray Allah have mercy on us all so that this pandemic codenamed COVID-19 will soon become a thing of the past in Nigeria and across the globe.

“The number of people who have died as a result of the devastating pandemic is alarming. Just this morning, new cases were confirmed in Nigeria, Lagos state to be precised.

“Let clerics in Ilorin, both Muslims and Christians do their part by asking God for mercy, at this time, we can do nothing unless God help us”.

As a way of appreciating God for witnessing another year and towards contributing his widow’s mite in the fight against the dreaded coronavirus, Owolabi said plans are in advance stage to share sanitizers among members of his constituency.

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