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Bauchi Gov insists chloroquine is cure for coronavirus

by newshubmag

Gov Bala Muhammed has approved the use of anti-malaria drugs, Chloroquine and Zithromax, as treatment for coronavirus patients especially in Bauchi State.

According to the Governor, there’s no doubt in his mind and that he is evidently sure that Chloroquine and Zithromax is the cure to the COVID-19

Bala, revealed as the index case in Bauchi State, the drugs administered on him was “chloroquine and Zithromax.”

The Governor spoke at a media briefing on COVID-19 in the State at the Government House, Bauchi.

“Our medical team is using their own ingenuity to use chloroquine and Zithromax to treat the patients, even though in some places, they said it is against the protocol,” he said.

“As the governor, I’m taking responsibility for that because I don’t want anyone to die.

“I have given you the directive that you must use something that I have used to get well, just as you have used for all other cases that got well.

“Rather than saying that something is harmful, we should not follow what the white people are saying by not taking anything and die.

“We are used to taking chloroquine in Nigeria. We are going to use them. We have taken responsibility and I have taken responsibility.

“Zithromax and chloroquine are not harmful to our body, our physiological system has adapted to it. If you are having a fever you take chloroquine,” he said.

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