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Nigerian invents syrup to cure COVID-19 patients across the world

by newshubmag

A Nigerian researcher, Mr. Austin Udemba has, through the research support of Mutafitare Global Resources Limited, produced a potent syrup capable of fighting the novel corona virus pandemic hands down.

Presenting the finished products to the chairman of Mutafitare, Dr. Barika Dominic Saro-Laka in his Abuja office on Tuesday, Edemba revealed that the Havilah Herbal Care syrup is a product of painstaking research that took him many years to develop.

The researcher said he had to re-double his efforts seeing how the epidemic was wasting human beings across the world and expressed joy that he finally evolved a product that has gone through series of laboratory analyses and clinical tests.

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Edemba also hinted that God was the sole source of his discovery and achievement concerning a medicinal supplement to fight COVID-19, insisting that patients that would have suffered and die from the wicked disease would now be saved once they consume the product, according to prescriptions. Continuing, the inventor explained that cure for COVID-19 is a child`s play for Havilah Herbal Care syrup since the medicine had been used in the past to cure several patients with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and other patients with stronger diseases that carry higher viral loads than COVID-19.

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The researcher also expressed his readiness to ensure the product gets to all parts of the world as a response to the call of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Central Bank of Nigeria, World Health Organisation (WHO) and Jaiz Bank Plc for researchers, scientists and inventors to quickly intervene and bring out potent products that can cure COVID-19 and save humanity from being wasted on daily basis. Edemba noted that these bodies and CACOVID really challenged his research prowess and spurred him to success, adding he was fulfilled for using God’s gift to prevent global societal decay in his generation.”

“I will be presenting some samples for consumption to some relevant government agencies and private sector players fighting the epidemic having been certified safe for human consumption by a relevant Federal Government agency in Nigeria. I guarantee its curative power”, he stressed.

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