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Of scapegoat, Nigerian politicians and German yam

by newshubmag

By Antiquity Prince A.A.A.

Who is a scape goat?…. Without using dictionary, from what I learnt from my English Language teacher then, “A scape goat is one who is beaten, flogged, punished, etc, for what he did not actually do, but he is about to do it or connected to those who did it”. In fact, he can be called a “Patsy”, one accused of other people’s errors.

Many have written a lot about the beating of one of the longest serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria…. By 2023, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu will be the longest or among the longest serving senators, it will make it 20 years of serving Nigeria as a senator. Some people condemned the act, some clapped for those that humiliated him.

Personally, I thought they were wrong to have beaten him, I believed they made a mistake, but there is an adage that says… “You don’t beat a child and expect him not to cry”. Another adage says… “Same teeth the dog used/uses to play with the owner, it equally uses to pursue thieves, bad people”. I am not from Enugu state, or Ekweremadu’s constituency, to score him, but I think, as a senator for almost 17 years, he has done much, but the much has done are not enough to credit him. If it is in the university, Ike Ekweremadu has ‘D’, not ‘C’, not ‘B’, not ‘A’, but ‘D’, that is, 49%. My father, Nze-ka-Nze Vinty Alihukwu Nwankwo, used to call it “pass, but poor pass”. If it is in the secondary school, my father would say, “fairly good”.

Factually speaking, since that day, last week, a lot of Nigerians have said a lot of things… Some people, individually, from Imo state, said, I wished it was Rochas that was beaten, Abia people said, we wished it was Ikpeazu, in Edo state, they said, We wished it was Oshiomhole, in Rivers, it was, one man said , “I wished it was Amaechi, Lagosians said, “Joe Igbokwe” deserves a bigger beating, etc.

Let me say at this juncture, that Ike Ekweremadu (Senator) was not thoroughly beaten, but he was thoroughly humiliated. There is an Igbo adage that says, “Mmebó e mebòró Ogaranya, di njó karia o gbugbu e gburu ya” = It is better to kill a popular or celebrated rich man, than to embarrass him publicly. To Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, I am saying sorry, but the truth is that, he who lives in a glass house, does not throw stones anyhow… He who represents the Igbos, does not travel anyhow, because they Igbos are angry. Your silence in certain issues that concern they Igbos, can be interpreted, that, you are living in a glass house, yet you throw stones carelessly. Sometimes, I wish Sen. Dino Melaye can be used to exchange three Senators from the East. Yes, if after eight years of Iberiberism, Rochas in his first 14 days in office, went to House of Assembly (National Assembly) and suggested that ministry of Happiness and Fulfillment should be created in Abuja, I think, the people of Orlu zone has no representative in Abuja, as a senator, for now.

Let me remind us, that, of all the people that left APC for PDP, PDP for APC, just to retain power and position, in the Senate, only Sen. Dino Melaye won, others failed woefully… The reason was, because, he said the truth, stood on it, suffered for the truth, etc. When we, Journalists, questioned Oshiomhole, asked him what was his reaction to such winning by Dino Melaye, Oshiomhole said/replied, “the House will not be lively if the likes of Dino Melaye is not there”.

The bottom line is that, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, has tried his best for Enugu people and Igbos in general, but his best has never been good enough. Dino Melaye is more lively and active than him. In fact, being a Deputy Senate President, for eight years, the goodies of that position have not been felt by the Igbos. Ike, on behalf of the good citizens of Nigeria, we are sorry, you were just a scape goat, because you were beaten because of the errors of others, but that does not mean you have a high score there, sometimes, you talk and support Igbos passively, i na-emecha újó újó. What I will tell you now is, “Agbisi gbaa otile, ya a muru akó”.

Iri ji, outside the country, has positive and negative implications, I did not see you at iri ji Mbaise and other ones, but you traveled to Germany to eat yam… Ndo.
But, my Senator, let me ask you… Among other reasons these boys would say that prompted them to beat you up, since you went to iri ji ndi Igbo, iri ji Biafra, why did you wear an expensive clothe designed with Nigerian Coat of Arm?… Did you go there to represent Buhari or Igbos? Chai, Senator, that was a big mistake you did. If I were you, I would have dressed in a well sown isi agu shirt/gown, then tie wrapper very well, decorate my cap with feathers (from fowl or other birds), but unfortunately, you wore a black shirt/gown (were you going for a burial) decorated with Nigeria coat of arm, honestly, that was “unu ga-eme gini” dressing.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu has been beaten, internationally humiliated and embarrassed, others will be beaten soon. “Mmuo si ujó a naghi a tu ya, ya were ehihie gawa” = If the spirit or the dead, said he/she/it , is not afraid of the living, let that spirit come out and associate with us in the day time, not midnight. In fact, if any Nigerian Senator or popular Politician thinks he/has done well, let him or her travel abroad now, to celebrate iri iji ndi Igbo.

Everywhere you go now, the question is… “Nwanne, i riela ji Germany”? Nigerians, as from now on, if any politician comes to preach to us, let’s ask him, “Hon., Oga, i riela ji Germany?”. If he says No, tell him to travel to Germany and eat the IPOB yam first.

Finally, to crown it all, most of our politicians have failed us. Sometimes, the deaf can hear, the dumb can talk. Even transfer of aggression can make anyone to be a scape goat, like Sen. Ike Ekweremadu. The masses are crying, angry and hungry, “a hungry man is an angry man”, whether in Germany or Nigeria or any country, let our politicians be careful about iri ji now, because you never can tell, if the special yam, German yam, will be there.
On that note, I, Antiquity Prince A.A.A, hereby bring out this proverb or adage now… “He who eats German yam, without being beaten, is doing well for his people”.

Nwanne, Oga, Dede, Hon., Senator, Brother, Chief, i riela ji Germany?, because… He who eats German yam without being beaten, is doing well for his people.

On my way to Germany, for the German yam.

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